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Our Team

Get To Know Us


Patrick Anderson

Manager - Comic Book Specialist

Patrick has over 20 years experience in sales and management and has been collecting comics for 30 years. He handles comic trade-ins.

Corey Miller

Assistant Manager - Magic: The Gathering Specialist

Corey runs our sales floor and handles MTG trades and events. He also reads a ton of comics every week.


Thom Wells

Sales Associate - Tabletop Gaming Specialist

Thom is an avid role player and DMs a number of our store campaigns. Thom also has a ravenous appetite for indie comics.

Skylar Nichols

Sales Associate - Pokemon & Yu Gi Oh Specialist

Skylar does it all: Pokemon, D&D, Magic, Comics. She rocks!


Allison Ellstrom

Sales Associate - Comic Book Specialist

Allison is is life-long reader of comics. She is an avid reader and maybe has a few books at home.


Ryan Chouanard

Sales Associate - Comic Book Specialist

Ryan has a great knowledge of comics both classic and new. He helps manage our back issue inventory and works at cons.